3 Best Crypto Signals providers in 2021

Crypto Signals providers are the experts who provide crypto signals to their subscribers. With the increasing number of cryptocurrencies, the number of such providers is also ballooning fast. Everyone is trying to gain a solid footing in the market and thus offering many additional features as well. That eventually makes it a tiresome process for beginners to choose a suitable service provider for themselves. 

Here is the list of our top 3 preferences to choose from: 

  1. MyCryptoParadise:  

Started by a team of 4 successful traders with an experience of well over 5 years, MycryptoParadise grabs the first spot in our list as they have all the features of a good signals provider. From having a dedicated team with expertise in fundamental and technical analysis, to deeply researching and analyzing the market before sharing signals with you, to giving as much as 9 signals daily, they have pretty much everything to turn your investing journey easy as well as profitable. 

Apart from that, they use telegram to not only share crypto signals but also share knowledgeable articles to coach people into becoming market experts themselves. They have a Free trading advice group but their ParadiseFamilyVIP subscription is where the paradise actually is with personal coaches and a VIP chatroom. This puts you at equal footing with the expert traders as you will have many expert traders of ParadiseTeam sharing their trading secrets with you.

  1. Hirn Crypto Free:

Handled by a team of veteran traders, they are quite ahead in the game when it comes to technology. HIRN signals is one of the leading crypto signals providers with an average profit of 6.5%. It is known for its good performance with zero subscription fees. It is preferred by users for Binance Spot Trading. 

There are more than 5000 subscribers who use this signals provider to do their trade. Thus a big community really becomes a plus point of the Hirn Crypto Free. The only drawback which stands out is that it doesn’t support a lot of exchanges and trading pairs. 7-14 trading signals are generated per week which might not be enough sometimes. Its free version is already quite popular among many, but to get increased functionalities to meet your needs, you have to get a subscription.

  1. Crypto trading signals: 

Founded in 2019, it started with providing free crypto trading signals to its users. With its success and increased number of users, a premium option has now been added for its users which also became popular with them very soon. It found a place in our list due to its great accuracy and cornix support. Its friendly staff makes it easier for people to deal with it. 

Apart from Binance and BitMex, it provides cryptocurrency trading signals for other exchanges as well. It being young in the market seems like a big drawback when comparing it with other market veterans though. And that lack of experience shows in the limited number of additional benefits it is able to offer for now.


These are just a few among the best and reliable crypto signals providers we suggest. For beginners who want to trade but lack the basic know-how, can choose one among these according to their needs. But keep in mind that whatsoever crypto signals provider you choose, there is never a 100% guarantee that you will come out of a trade with a big fortune. A certain risk proportional to the rewards is always there. Choosing a correct signals provider to suit your needs is just a step in the direction of reducing that risk, a smart one nonetheless.