Charlie Lee’s 9 Favorite Things About Litecoin – Decrypt

Charlie Lee’s 9 Favorite Things About Litecoin – Decrypt

In brief

  • Litecoin marks its tenth anniversary in 2021.
  • Charlie Lee told us why LTC has spent nearly 10 years as a top-ranking cryptocurrency.
  • In 2017, Litecoin spotlit the issue of what happens to a major crypto when a founder cashes out.

It’s a big year for Bitcoin spin-off Litecoin. The cryptocurrency—often described as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold—celebrates its tenth anniversary in October. 

Recently, Decrypt sat down with Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee, an MIT graduate and Google veteran, to find out just what’s so great about the cryptocurrency he designed. We’ve boiled his answers down into nice handy facts. 

In nine years, Litecoin had zero downtime 

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top two ranking cryptocurrencies by market cap, have both experienced downtime—but not Litecoin, according to Lee.  

“Litecoin has been running nonstop for almost 10 years,” Lee told Decrypt. “It’s one of the few coins that can claim that. Even Bitcoin has had issues where there’s been like a fork and a certain amount of downtime. Litecoin has not had any downtime since I launched it in October of 2011.”

It’s been a top-10-ranking cryptocurrency ever since it was invented

It may have gone up and down in rank, but Litecoin has been in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap for pretty much the whole time since it launched. It’s currently at number eight, between Source…